Best Season / Best time to visit Manikaran

Manikaran experiences harsh conditions during the winter months. Summers are mild and the conditions are pleasant for the most part. Summer nights are much cooler. The place gets substantial rainfall for many months of the year, especially during the monsoon season which is long. The best time to visit the place is from April to October.

The summer season is from the month of April to the end of June. The temperatures during the summer season can differ from a minimum of around 6°C and can go up to a maximum of around 15°C. The day temperatures are moderate, however you can expect the mercury to fall after sunset. It is essential to carry protective winter clothing during this period.

The place receives rainfall throughout the year. However the peak monsoon months are from July to September. The rainfall is quite extensive during these months and day temperatures are around 8 degrees Celsius.

The winter season is from the months of November to March. Temperatures can plummet during this time and reach a low of around -8°C. The highest temperature during the winter season is around 3°C. You will require extensive winter clothing during the winter months.